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KRI Institute

KRI Institute

Complete Your Ontario Secondary School Diploma Anywhere

University Preparation

Understanding of Canadian education in advance

Time Flexibility

Semester-free calendar means you can enroll in a course any time of the year

Scholarship Opportunities

This program provides chances to students to obtain entrance scholarship

Step up your carrear with us today

KRI INSTITUTE has been accredited to provide Canada High School Diploma Programs

In partnership with UTPA, we offer a selection of courses such as: High school courses (grade 9 – 12), Art courses, Preparatory courses, ESL courses and IELTS courses.

Students can complete their high school courses and receive Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). This is the ONLY PUBLIC institution that can issue OSSD to students upon meeting OSSD requirements outside of Canada.

The students enrolled in the courses should get used to the independent learning method.

This is a combined method of online courses and tutorial. The ubiquitous nature allows the students to complete the courses anywhere. Most importantly, upon successful completion, the students will receive the OSSD if other conditions are also met. This model will be labelled as FILM (Facilitated Independent Learning Module).

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1. Reasonable Financial Cost Achieving OSSD at KRI INSTITUTE in Nigeria, saves accommodation fee for the parents around Naira 4.3 million annually in Canada.

2. Flexible Payment Plan Suggested instalment plans are available.

3. Scholarship Opportunities This program at KRI INSTITUTE provides great chance to students to obtain entrance scholarship from CAD$6,000 to CAD$15,000, some of scholarships are renewable, upon conditions met.

According to Immigration of Canada, to prove the applicant is a genuine student, it is essential for the application. Enrolment in this Canadian credential at KRI INSTITUTE will be a great proof of applicants' intention of studying in Canada. Therefore, the applicant will have a better chance to get study permit approval.

1. World Recognized This OSSD program at KRI INSTITUTE is highly recognized and acceptable worldwide. Students who graduate from the program can apply for different post-secondary programs within Canada and internationally.

2. University Preparation Understanding of Canadian education in advance at KRI INSTITUTE, i.e, Independent Learning and Critical Thinking ensures the students to get well prepared for their potential post-secondary study.

3. Effort Based Marking System The weight of grade scores is composed of 70% and 30% aggregate. 70% composes of the class Performance and progress report and 30% composes of the final exam.

4. Conditional Acceptance Possibility The students may be qualified for conditional acceptance of some selected universities once they apply for our OSSD program at KRI INSTITUTE in Engineering, Law, Medicine, and Business fields.

1. Time Flexibility Semester-free calendar means you can enrol in a course any time of the year. There are no set classes, so you can study anytime and anywhere. Students can take the OSSD after school in addition to regular local curriculum if they choose to; also, students can take the OSSD after students graduated from Senior Secondary School.

2. Location Flexibility This program provides students the chance to start the program here at KRI INSTITUTE and complete it at UTPA if they choose too. For example, a student does four courses at KRI INSTITUTE and takes the last two in Canada.

3. Children Management Worry Free For students who graduated at a very tender age from their local secondary school, they can stay an extra year under their parent guardian to give them more experience and prepare them to come to Canada.

4. Younger Age Worry Free Nigerian student normally graduated in their age of 15 which is too early to study in university. Some parents may have them stay at home for one year or study in different training programs which have no accredited proof for their future visa application. This program not only fills up the one- year gap, but also gives students Canadian accredited transcripts and diploma which helps for their visa application.